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Yeahhhhh, We're a group! So if you REALLY Love Finn and Shelli, You should re-join. I know it's a Pain, but it's totally worth it!

Okay, so, we've got some 'rules' to lay down about submitting.

~ MUST Be Related to the Category folder
~ MUST Be appropriate. No Gore, no Porn, Okay?

Not much, Eh? Yeah, Not much. ;P

Blargh, I'd say more, but really, there isn't much more to say :XD:

:star: Admins :star:


Feel free to note any of us about upcoming events, problems, or just saying hi! We'd love to talk to our fellow members.

:bulletblue: Members :bulletblue:


I may be forgetting someone ;-;, if I am, please note one of us and we'll add you in ;)

:bulletblack: To Join :bulletblack:

Pretty simple, Watch the club. ;P We may watch back, we may not, depending on who's checking and deleting messages. I myself, =MidnaKillzAll, is willing to watch back for sure.

:bulletred: Affiliates :bulletred:


Yeahhhh, we're trying to spread ourselves around, so if you find a group that might be able to affiliate, note one of us, and we'll edit it in :aww:

Now, before we start anything, like contests, or games. What would you guys like to do? Seriously, throw that thought down, yes, that one, we'd love to hear it.



FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-, I may have doubled some members up above. If you see yourself twice, note me, and I'll edit the duplicate out. I'm sorry, Copypaste is being a bastard to me DX
tetraandlinkforever Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010
sorry but, you left me out on the pics of all the members
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January 4, 2010


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